Lemon, Azure & Aqua Green Candles, Fragrance free

A8 - Lemon, Azure & Aqua Green

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Hand Marbled, Irish Made, Fragrance Free, Dinner Candles

4 in a packet.

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  • Our dedication to Quality

    The candles we use are made by Rathbornes Dublin, who have been making candles since 1488. They are the oldest manufacturer of candles in the world.


    We use a top quality candle marbeling ink which we have tried and tested for years before bringing to the market.

  • Colours and sizes

    Lemon, Azure & Aqua Green

    Available in 2 sizes, 7 inch and 10 inch

    7 inch candle has an 8 hour burn time

    10 inch candle has an 11 hour burn time