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It all started with Angela Kelly and 4 of her class mates taking part in the "Student Enterprise - Mini Company Programme" during their Transition Year. Their company was
"Krazy Kandles & More"
The girls received an award for 
"Best Teamwork"

During this year Angela became unwell, but with her team mates she struggled through. At the end of the year Krazy Kandles was closed down. The other four girls continued on with their education. Angela's health continued to deteriorate.

While she attended school when she could it became more & more difficult. However being able to work with the Candles kept her spirits up during this difficult time. With the blessing of her former team mates her sister Nicole aided Angela in continuing the Candles as a hobby for some time to help keep her spirits up. They rebranded putting both of their names together and so in 2012 NicAngels Candles was born.

pair blue & purple.png

In 2013 Angela's mother Elaine had to take leave from work to care for Angela and again to keep her spirits up they continued marbeling Candles and her father sold them at local Craft Fairs to cover costs and keep spirits up while they searched for a solution to her continually deteriorating health.

In 2015 after 4 years the cause of her ill health was discovered and thankfully she is now on the road to recovery.
The Candles were the tools the Angels gave us to get through a very difficult period and we hope that the healing will continue from us to you. 

Whatever life throws at any of us, with the Angels we can handle it.
Light, Relax, Heal

They started out with 7 bottles of Marbeling Ink
2 - Blue, 2 Red, 2 Green & 1 Yellow

From 7 bottles to 25 plus 7 of our own blends

And now Hand Painted Glass Candle Holders too. We have something for everyone at NicAngels Candles, Ducketts Grove, Carlow.


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